Thursday, November 20, 2008

Young Alan

Young Alan had a question
no one dared to answer.

Not his grandmother
not his teacher
not his freinds
even the wise man
down the block
didn't dare.

Because young Alan had a question
no one dared to ask.

Imagine Climbing a Tower.

Imagine climbing a tower
with a telescope on its roof.

Imagine the corridors you'll pass
the people you'll meet
the rooms you'll stop by
along the way.
Imagine the glimpses
you'll get,
imagine the things
you'll overhear.

Imagime climbing a tower
with a telescope on its roof.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beautiful שיין

איך האב געזעהן מיידלעך
.שיין ווי בלומען אין א זוניגע טאג
.אבער איך בין געבליבען שטיין
איך האב געזעהן מיידלעך
.שיין ווי א בויגען נאך רעגען
.אבער איך בין געבליבען שטיין
דערנאך האב איך געזעהן א מיידעל
שיין ווי דער אייביגער גאט
אין איך בין געלאפען
אין געלאפען
.אין איך בין נאך דארט
I have seen girls
beautiful as flowers in a sunny day
bit I stood still.
I have seen girls
beautiful as a rainbow after rain
but I stood still.
Then I saw a girl
beautiful as the eternal God
and I ran
and ran
and I am still there.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My future is
my greatest motivation.
After all, it's my presents 

The mist around it 
gives my life breath.
Yet that very mist
scares me to death.

It's a time
I enjoy visualizing.
Yet the thought of it 
can sometimes be agonizing.

Yet, I must
face the reality.
That the future is nothing
but uncertainty.

Dreaming about it 
doesn't change it in any way.
Yet the dream of the tomorrow,
is an inevitable part of the today.


How many things I didn't do,
for they might see.
Throughout my life,
they has tortured me.

Whenever they was near
we had to start running.
We always feared
they was coming.

Men, women, and children,
they tortured us all.
Throughout history,
they watched our downfall.

They has made our lives miserable
without guilt.
In every war look how many people
they killed.

There is just one question I'd like to ask 
if I may.
Who is this all time 
evil Mr. They?

Warmer World

There is a boy in a dorm
that slipped through the guards
a picture of a naked girl.
Everyday he looks at her
and his body is warmed
he looks at her eyes
and dreams
of a world better than the one he knows

Miles away in a tall building
inside a gadget filled room
a naked girl holds a camera.
Behind the lens 
she imagines
a pair of eyes
that warm her body and soul
warmer than the world she knows.

If only we can take away the miles
the loneliness
the guards
the two would be making love to each other
staring in to each other's eyes.
And would come to know a world
better and warmer
than their present lives.   


The color of sunset,
creating that beautiful sight.
And the sound of the songbird,
singing at the dawn of the night.

Your color and sound
appear to be so deceiving.
As we reveal
the horrors you are concealing.

With all the pain, tragedy,
and all the sorrow.
How can song and color
represent the tomorrow?

Over the span of our life
we begin to realize.
That in the tomorrow,
only hope lies.

At a close look, the tomorrows
are represented as they belong.
That confusion and mixture of color,
that quiet broken song.


I once wrote a song,
you know, about my life an' all.
A nice and complicated song,
like the ones you sing in a big hall.

I included my whole life,
in that special song.
I wanted people to hear me, 
loud and strong.

But somehow
that never occurred.
For some reason
my song wasn't heard.

Even for those 
who tried hard to hear.
My song
came across scrappy and unclear.

My song got stories
you won't find anywhere.
It's a song, you got to be me to write,
you got to be me to hear.


From the first paradise on,
where man and women came to be.
There was always the serpent,
lurking behind the tree.

Yet every time we left,
to experience a paradise anew.
It was destroyed by the snake,
who came along too.

We cannot convince it to do wrong,
so it should have to leave the meadow.
For the one who convinces,
also has to go.

From paradise to paradise,
with a snake along the way.
Man and woman
search for a paradise to stay.

Along the way,
a different paradise did suffice.
And the snake itself,
became the paradise.


Man, have you ever heard
of a place called Nowhere?
It's a wonderful place,
I think you should go there.

It is beautiful 
not a place you can't go to from there.
I love that place Nowhere,
it kinda takes you anywhere.

But, young man, be careful,
Don't stay there for long.
This place called Nowhere,
is no place to belong.

Keep your eyes open
and look around.
has a dissolving ground.

From Nowhere you can take any road
except for one.
It's the road back,
that's forever gone.

It's a weird thing,
this place called Nowhere.
If you understand this paradox,
you are already kinda there.