Sunday, May 17, 2009

Human Like Me.

They lie about the truth, 

they lie about you,

they lie about proof,

they lie about lies too,

They are not ashamed of behaving like a tamed

animal in a farm, eating the shit

the farmer has to spare

from the work of his hairy arm.

Not all who tell lies are liars,

some are just the liars goat

jumping off Azazel's cliff of pointy stone

to jump on to the boat of firefighters.

They lie about me, whatever they say.

The stories and gossip for those who chew the cud they dig,

the tales are endless, feeding cattle that is 

cloven hoofed like a pig.

And they tell me about abominations.

They have a whole list of don'ts and do's.

One of them being the renunciation

of their animal chew.

Why do they slither on the sand

like snakes without shoes.

Tell me, does everything taste like earth?

not to me, 

I can taste so much

including the apple on this tree.

When will you see the odor of the fodder

you are being fed.

A cow is not just for the udder that supplies the butter

for the rich in bed

Don't wait till they slit 

your esophagus and trachea,

At the hand of a perfect knife

perfected by generations of shechita

Be like me

the human thou shall not kill

and walk on water before Moses splits the sea and hits the stones,

surpass the calfs of gold and ride along the mill

march with me to the valley of dry bones.

Bask in the sun like Jacob, before Joshua stops it mid sky.

Enjoy the shade like Jonah, before God sends

a worm to let the tree die.

Enjoy bathing in water like Bat Sheva, until Elisha turns it into oil.

Listen to Saul's musician amidst your mental toil

If you can throw stones like David

and shake pillars like Samson

do so in front of a crowd.

Not in a spiraling journey through the desert

hidden behind a cloud.

Be human like me

Ask a question with out cheating

at the writing on the wall.

Speak to your friend

before a heavenly wagon comes to a halt.

Look back and learn

before you are turned into salt.

Walk the earth before it opens it's mouth,

Enjoy the Nidachat town.

Make your home outside a lion's den.

Until your Jericho walls go down.

Be human like me

And discover the list 

that doesn't exist

at the top of the mountain

or the bottom of the sea

see beyond the floods and plagues

and pursue the days

of jubilant plays

by the kids of Amelek and Zion.

The faces of four can be your affair

take the legs of your chair

to tell the story you want to hear

not the symbols that bare

the eagle, the ox or the lion.

Morph out of the animal in the mud

stop eating sand while crawling on your belly

pretend that the sea hasn't turned to blood and

take a stand in the midst of Eilah's valley 

Be human like me.