Tuesday, December 16, 2008

United Talmudical Something

I used to sit in UTA 
the United
Talmudical something.
I used to listen to what they had to say
Trust me at that age you
could've told me anything.

They taught me all their crap
from A to Z
except, in that crazy place
they didn't even do it alphabetically.

I sat on their hard benches
listening to what they had to sell
watching ticking clocks
eagerly awaiting the bell.

After a while even I
bought into the plot
understand, I was just a kid
boiling in the pot.

I learned there
Snakes looking for female peers
Noah getting drunk
after he lived 120 years
of getting all animals to have sex in his trunk
Abraham trying to kill but missed,
and Isaac raped a three year old,
Jacob and Rachel french kissed,
don't look at me, it's what I was told.

Lot doesn't fuck with male angels
but his virgin daughters, that shall pass
Yehuda and Tamar,
they went to Amsterdam, I guess

Then came Moses, the hero you know
with laws about POW women
that make me think of Guantanamo
as a paradise of a prison.

Those people 
really molested my mind.
I was young and innocent 
just as they ordered my kind.

While kids were learning
about algebra and hash
I was being fed 
dark ages trash
while knocked up teens
were running for abortions
I was fed
their stupid distortions.

My mind was touched in the most uncomfortable places
by those teaching freaks they paid
I'm sure he wouldn't of hit me that day
if the night before he had gotten laid.

While other kids
were watching condom covered bananas
and flat maps of the spherical earth
I was learning
what my teacher said I learned 
before birth.

I was just a kid
listening to their voices
but, fuck it,
they are just teachers 
I don't need their choices.

I'll never forget you, 
Talmudical something.
after all we had a hell of a time together.
but, maybe it's not you just me
that thinks people deserve better.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Is A Dream?

Tell me, what is a dream?

Is it
a possession of mind,
perhaps it's a currency
of some kind.

I've heard people talk about dreams,
like blueprints they read.
Maybe that's what dreams are,
a guide as to how to proceed.

I've met dreamers
others call illusioned.
Come on, you know who they are,
you see them everyday
pushing shopping carts.
Is that what dreams are,
cavity fillings of the heart.

What are these dreams
that a drop of rain
makes you refuse,
yet with just a small sign
can be set loose.

I've seen people speak happily about dreams,
dreams they had in the past
dreams they don't mind you to hear.
Are all dreams created equal,
do all dreamers start out fair.

So many people,
so many minds,
so many happenings.

Tell me,
what is a dream?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Abraham אברהם

ויבא הפליט ויגד לאברהם

וישמע אברהם

וירק את חניכיו

וישא את עינו וירא והנה שלשה אנשים


וירץ לקראתם

ויפנו משם האנשים וילכו סדומה

ויגש אברהם

ויאמר האף תספה צדיק אם רשע

ותאמר לאברהם גרש את האמה  הזאת אם בנה

וירע הדבר בעיני אברהם

על אודות בנו

ויאמר קח נא את בנך את יחידך

וישכם אברהם בבוקר

ויחבוש את חמורו


A fugitive brought the news to Abraham

Abraham heard

and he mustered his retainers

Looking up he saw three men

he saw

and he ran to meet them

The men went on from there to Sodom

Abraham came forward 

and said 'will you sweep away innocent with the guilty

She said to Abraham 'cast out this slave women and her son

the matter distressed Abraham

concerning his son

He said take your son your favored one

Abraham woke up in the morning

and saddled his horse 

Sand Castle

Susan was building a sand castle
by the water side.
A castle where she herself will reign
where there will be no need to hide.

She was molding the place
She wished she knew.
The place she saw with closed eyes
the place she wished to be true.

She took sand
and built the final tower.
Oh, what a kingdom that would be
where unity will be the only power.

Then the tide came
and washed the castle away.
It washed away all the sand
and all the molded clay.

The tide was so high 
that it washed Susan too.
Her sand covered hands
and fingers too.

Now you can't see a castle
just plain flat land.
And nobody looking at Susan
could tell that she ever played with the sand.

Monday, December 1, 2008

In The Blink of a Cosmic Eye

In the blink of a cosmic eye
The cosmos and 
the essence,
came to be.

In the blink of a cosmic eye
I lived
I wondered
I created 
I blinked. 

In the blink of my eye
I saw nothing.

Between my blinks
I saw the sky
the stars
and the flies.

Before blinks
I destroyed
I cried 
I lost.

After blinks
I stepped forward
got up
and spoke.

Amidst my blinks
I sang 
I heard 
and saw.

In the blink of a cosmic eye.