Sunday, January 18, 2009

If You Dream.

If you dream....

Tomorrow it may be lost to fantasy

or to oblivion

tomorrow it may be lost to heresy

or treason

If you dream.......

Tomorrow it may be found with disturb

or rust

tomorrow it may be found with perturb

or disgust

If you dream...........

Tomorrow it may be hailed as a desire

or plan

tomorrow it may be hailed as a fire 

Yes we can 

If you dream................ 

Tomorrow it may be the wished for act

or the clear path

tomorrow it may be the blatant fact

or the simple math

Tomorrow it may be,

if you dream..........................


Valley of Despair

If I go down the Valley of Despair

What will I find?

Will I see the bankrupt bank

Will I find the general in the rank

Will I find the gun and the tank

Will I find that the statue shrank.

What will I find?

Will I see the meadow of

today and tomorrow

Will I see the seeds

Will I hear the rings

or just the sorrow.

What will I find?

I see my brother


claiming he faulted

in getting the meadow


Is this what I find?

Dreamless sleepers

on dark nights

in dry prairies

No speeding of time

or sufficient funds.

No path to the palace

where the horse runs.

No feeling for

the urgency of the now,

only gradualism

roaming around

O' valley of despair

why am I still here?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How and Why

How and Why,
I really don’t know.

how, I understand.
There is all the technical jargon
and scientific bargain
to help me comprehend.

As for why,
it’s a worthless task
to even ask
without a sigh.

But the mind entertains
those mental pains
even when all that remains
are the cut off lanes.

When beautiful animation
that indulges in creation
loses command
by the touch of the hand
of its own basic brand.

If you really attend,
you’ll see that I don’t really seek to understand
the question I posed.

For who can bear to know
the secret of the show
going on behind the door
I just closed.