Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Is A Dream?

Tell me, what is a dream?

Is it
a possession of mind,
perhaps it's a currency
of some kind.

I've heard people talk about dreams,
like blueprints they read.
Maybe that's what dreams are,
a guide as to how to proceed.

I've met dreamers
others call illusioned.
Come on, you know who they are,
you see them everyday
pushing shopping carts.
Is that what dreams are,
cavity fillings of the heart.

What are these dreams
that a drop of rain
makes you refuse,
yet with just a small sign
can be set loose.

I've seen people speak happily about dreams,
dreams they had in the past
dreams they don't mind you to hear.
Are all dreams created equal,
do all dreamers start out fair.

So many people,
so many minds,
so many happenings.

Tell me,
what is a dream?

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