Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valley of Despair

If I go down the Valley of Despair

What will I find?

Will I see the bankrupt bank

Will I find the general in the rank

Will I find the gun and the tank

Will I find that the statue shrank.

What will I find?

Will I see the meadow of

today and tomorrow

Will I see the seeds

Will I hear the rings

or just the sorrow.

What will I find?

I see my brother


claiming he faulted

in getting the meadow


Is this what I find?

Dreamless sleepers

on dark nights

in dry prairies

No speeding of time

or sufficient funds.

No path to the palace

where the horse runs.

No feeling for

the urgency of the now,

only gradualism

roaming around

O' valley of despair

why am I still here?

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