Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How and Why

How and Why,
I really don’t know.

how, I understand.
There is all the technical jargon
and scientific bargain
to help me comprehend.

As for why,
it’s a worthless task
to even ask
without a sigh.

But the mind entertains
those mental pains
even when all that remains
are the cut off lanes.

When beautiful animation
that indulges in creation
loses command
by the touch of the hand
of its own basic brand.

If you really attend,
you’ll see that I don’t really seek to understand
the question I posed.

For who can bear to know
the secret of the show
going on behind the door
I just closed.


  1. maybe it is so that new things should be created, words and poems like this one, beautifully crafted, which allow us to more deeply appreciate the aesthetic beauty of pain and doubt.

  2. I wondered for long
    Do I have a pair
    In J-blogosphere?
    Do I belong

    I thought it odd
    For J-atheists by name
    To assert their claim
    To the conclusion He doesn’t exist, God
    They came

    We know now
    How birds fly
    How rays hit the eye
    What and how
    But why

    Existence is so vast
    All geniuses would drain
    And every brain
    Will blast
    In vain

    What caused the universe?
    I shall not try
    Be certain about He in the sky
    Or worse

    I never confirmed or denied
    Alone in the queue
    Now we are two
    I’ve on my side