Tuesday, March 24, 2009

History Stones People

History stones people.

They stoned Moses, David and Linclon,

history did that for all to see

Marbel and cement,

that's all it leaves behind

of a long changing life.

Great heroes of time,

fall under the mercy

of the sculptor's knife.

History stones faces,

in a way that would make

ecclestias cringe.

History stones feet,

in a way that would make

piligrims cry.

History stones life

to always stay fresh,

yet, what is life without

the sins of the flesh.

All the radical kids

get stoned

and never change'

or even move a muscle.

All the sword raising warriors

history stoned

without blood in their veins.

You can see all the victims

that history stoned

when you walk in the park,

they got kings

and queens

hell, they even got Gods.

They are there captive

in history's stones,

never to be again what they were;

wilting flesh and

breakable bones.

People look up at them

they are victims too.

History's stones fall far,

even on to you.

Those stoned to live

are like the ones stoned to die.

enslaved to the search

for the frozen smile.

Life is a burning bush

that doesn't get consumed.

not a dead rock

or a statue of history.

It's a fusing wind

of happinnes and misery.

An exploding volcano

of courage and fear.

It is the stem of the flower

struggling through the seasons

to stand and bloom

above the drying soil.

Life is the fighting wave

you see at sea

forgotten and denied

by the stones of history.


  1. Eitz, the stanza that starts "Life is a burning bush" is magnificent. It can actually be a poem, just this stanza on its own.

  2. Thanks.

    I appreciate your feedback.